How my eyebrows changed my life

Alright, this may seem crazy, very crazy, but it’s true.

I used to be shy and self-conscious. I used to look in the mirror and see myself as ugly. One day I decided that I would buy a eyebrow pen. I had recently died my hair brown, my natural color being blonde, and my eyebrow were barely visible. When I drew my eyebrows darker something changed. My way of being changed. I felt visible. When I don’t draw my eyebrows my whole face seems to blend together, and when something just blends together it’s easy to just look past it. But with the brows drawn in my face was screaming for attention, I felt like if I said something important, people would listen.

I never seemed to put my finger on how and where I got my confidence from, but then i looked in the mirror this morning while I drew on my eyebrows, and I realized that drawing those eyebrows was kind off like taking control. Control over my own mind.

Today I actively try to spread positivity and make sure that everyone knows that they can be whoever they want and look however they want to look. I draw in my eyebrows, not because it looks better, or because I want attention from guys.. I draw in my eyebrows because my way of being changes with it.


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