Why I fight racism

Writing this post goes against alot that I believe in. First let’s make one thing clear. EVERYONE should fight racism, and NO ONE needs a REASON to do so. The reason is generally universal, you fight racism because it is wrong, it’s definition is prejudice and unfair treatment of anyone who looks different from the “dominent race”.  Second. We are a HUMAN race. We ARE the SAME race.

But let me tell you about some of the instances that has left me baffled and filled my rage towards all who refuse to stand up and fight.

  • I fight racism because when I was in 3rd grade someone said my friend smelled like poop, just because she was black. Said her hair was wig, just because they hadn’t seen anything like it. My friend was forced to leave the school. But she moved back in 7th grade. After 7 months of tormenting the school did something. I still remember the conversations with a man brought in from outside the school. He asked me why people were picking on her. And I said that I didn’t know. The man told me “Maybe it’s because of her skin.”. And I asked him “But why? Why is that a reason? I don’t understand why that is a reason to ruin someones life.”
  • I fight racism because when the first reports of shooting on Utøya July 22 2011 came in, the news reporter said: “The police are stopping all foreign cars”. And in reality, the terrorist was Norwegian. And he did it out of despite for foreigners.
  • I fight racism because when I told someone that I had seen two police officers running after a man they said “He was black, wasn’t he?”



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