Learning about religion is more important than math

You need math every day. To figure out when to be somewhere, how much sugar should be in a cake and how much money you can spend. But then comes all the advanced stuff that you learn from grade 6 and up, all the stuff that you’ll need if you are going into such a profession or becoming a teacher.

Math is important. But so much of it? There are other things that are far more important than knowing the squarerout of 90. Things that you need to know in order to get along with other human beings.

It’s no secret that educated countries tend to be safer than uneducated countries. “Education is the greatest weapon against poverty.” Education is also the greatest weapon against terrorism.

If you were taught about the world religions with objectivity you would KNOW that muslims are not the reasons for bombings, extrimists are. Comparing a terrorist who says he practices islam like muslim is like comparing a Muslim and a Christian. TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT FAITHS WITH SMALL COMPARISONS. When isis attacked Paris they did not act in the faith that muslims practice. Just like when Ander Behring Breivik killed so many teenagers, he did not act in the faith that christians practice. Terrorists are not acting from faith, they are acting from evil, and nothing more.

If everyone were taught about the Islam that muslims practice and not the Islam that terrorists say they practice, people would see that Islam is a religion of peace, just like most other religions. If we could understand the good in religion and accept the differences in them, we would live together with much more peace.


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