Who am I?

My name is Elina. I am 19 years old and I come from the south-west coast of Norway. No, there is nothing special about me. I did not come from another country than the one I currently live in, my parents aren’t business owners and I am not exceptionally smart. I wouldn’t even call myself smart. I don’t have a prominent skill, but I do spend quite some time discussing world issues.

The only non-dominent biological things about me is that I am a woman and I am left-handed. I haven’t struggled more than anyone else, I did get bullied though.

The only thing that gives me any reason to create this blog is because of the way I was raised. Although I may have all the privilege in the world my parents raised me and my brother to not pay attention to differences. I am not saying that I am without prejudice but I was raised to find things for myself. My view on religion has come from learning about it in Religion class. When we first started with religion class in 4th grade I had a mission to identify as either christian, muslim, jew, hindu or buddhist. But I couldn’t quite identify with any of them. Today I call myself a non-practising buddhist.

I am making this blog because I want to one day be without prejudice. I want to share with people how I view the world(good and bad). I am soon starting on a Bachelor degree in either comperative politics or religion so my blog will be mostly about politics and religion, but I will also share my views on technology and psychology.

I hope you will follow my blog.



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