Meat eaters vs vegans debate

It’s stupid! Personally I’ll always eat meat. But I do understand those who don’t. What I don’t understand is how someone can be so harassing towards a person because they eat meat.

If I lived in the US I would maybe be a vegan, cause the industry is very cruel there. But in countries like Norway where I live, and other places where the rules are strict, I don’t see the problem. And YES, I have seen the inside of an average farm and slaughterhouse.

But I’m not going to tell you how it actually is, I’m going to tell you the story. When did men start hunting? 2 million years ago! How long is it since men stopped needing their wisdom teeth?(which is used in order to bite of hard things, like raw meat.) when modern preapering of food such as meat started. 1 million years ago. And men are just now starting to not get their wisdom teeth. Evolution my darling. Men have adapted to eating meat(for those who think men are not meat eaters by nature).

When talking about ethical problems. I will only accept killing an animal if the entire animal is used, including bone and skin.(in Norway we even use the sheeps eyeballs it’s a great christmas dish, and we also use cow skin for warmth, and sheeps wool. Bone are made into material you can use for furniture etc.)

You’re saying “You put humans above all creatures? You’re a monster, we all matter equally. Sheeps do not kill humans.” Guess what. We can’t even see all humans as equals, maybe we should fix that first? And sheeps aint no meat eater. Do you see a tiger saving a sheep?(See what I’m doing there? I’m putting humans on the same level as other meat eating animals) And also “survival of the fittest”. It’s a part of nature.

The thing that annoys me most in this entire world is people who fight for animal rights but don’t give fuck about the fugitives from Syria escaping war!


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